iEncryptText App for iPhone Review

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iEncryptText app for iPhone makes you feel like a spy. The app let you send encrypted email/text to your friends/colleagues from your iPhone. If you’re interested, download it straightaway from iTunes App Store. It is currently on sale for free as a promotional offer, while its original price is $0.99.

iEncryptText App Features

iEncryptText app for iPhone basically let you send secure SMS, email or other text messages from your iPhone. According to its developers, the app uses ‘REAL’ military-grade encryption to secure your messages; more specifically, iEncryptText for iPhone uses AES-256 encryption, a military-grade encryption composed of a 256 bit key. The app does not send your text/email without encryption, to any server or any other user and the only way to decrypt your message is by knowing the password to open it.

iEncryptText app is fully integrated with your iPhone that the only thing you have to do is write your text and sent it with the app. Further, to read the text, you only need to press the link sent to you by other side. There is no need to copy and paste anywhere anything. But, you must set the password beforehand. You can also easily send encrypted messages through other apps: You can also use iEncryptText to encrypt with any other messages program using “Manual Controls”, With that you need to copy and paste on that app. Again when receiving a message, you only need to press the link you received.

And it works with any iOS device and with any language and with emoji. On the flipside, the iEncryptText iPhone app comes with some ‘hidden’ costs, in terms of ‘encryption credits’. You get 23 free encryption credits for sending messages. But to keep doing that, you got to buy credits or invite friends to use this app. However, you can purchase unlimited credits for $4.99. Alternatively, you could get a hundred credits for 99 cents, or you can buy 5000 credits for $2.99.


iEncryptText app for iPhone at present comes with enough free credits so that you can try it out its features for free. For unlimited use, however, you got to shell out some money. The app does a good job in terms of securing your email/messages. Only the recipient with the password could view the message. Verdict: A fun tool to try out .For few moments at least, it will make you feel like a secret agent in action.


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