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Marked by intriguing game play, interesting black & white theme, and intense puzzles, Naught app for Android could keep one glued to the screen for minutes on end. In Naught, the game world exists in 360 degrees, wherein you use gravity to get the shadow cartoon kitty move around each level. By tilting the screen, you can get the kitty run on the ceilings, on the floor or fall through horizontal hallways. How you manage to proceed to the next level entirely weighs upon your own imagination, as in Green Lantern. Naught Android app can be downloaded for a nominal $0.99 from Google Play store.

Naught App Features

Once you play Naught app for Android long enough, you’ll get a hang of the game, how to strategize your moves, and how diligently you got to use the accelerometer of your device. If calibrated perfectly, the tilt controls will work nicely. With some finesse in handling, you can guide your character through narrow passageways without its paws ever touching the ground. The other two control options works fine, but fails to provide the same amount of precision as the accelerometer.

Each level requires you to collect diamonds hidden is various places. There is no indication as to where to find the diamonds (or how many of them to be found) when you commence a level. However, you can’t progress to the next level without having unearthed all of them. The developers of Android Naught application had come up with some nice ways to hide the diamonds, and secret pathways for caverns. One apparent downside of the black & white theme is that the color combination makes it rather tough for the players to differentiate between danger, hindrance or helpful items. For example, to die walking on something that can’t be walked after making it through large portions of a level can be a bit annoying.

Naught Android app is still an enjoyable game. It is also a bit frustrating at times, especially if you make a silly mistake to undo everything you’ve done in a particular level. So, it goes without mention that you got to have loads of patience to get through each level. Naught works with Android OS 2.1 and up.


Naught app for Android has a unique game play that requires your own way of surmounting obstacles. It takes lots of patience and some deft handling of the Android device to guide your kitty on its way. Finding the diamonds is challenging, and the black & white theme of the game does not make matters easy either. Keep in mind, if you’re easily annoyed by failure, this game is not for you. Verdict: Try it out!


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