Fast Burst Camera App for Android Review

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Most Android phones do not have a camera that is capable of taking continuous high speed shots. But an app like Fast Burst Camera could give wings to your camera. This particular utility helps you to click continuous high speed shots in a single click of a button. You can get Fast Burst Camera for $3.99.

Fast Burst Camera App Features

Fast Burst Camera app for Android brings to the table a feature that is only available in high end phones. The app let you click 5 to 30 still images per second. It seems that the frame rate/second varies with the type and model of your phone. You’ll find this utility handy if you want to take pictures of a fast moving object such as a moving car, running man or a sport event that you’re watching. It should be noted that the frame rate depends on your camera specs. If your phone got a 2mp camera, you can capture up to 10 frames/second. Also, don’t expect the photos to be taken in the highest resolution. The photos are usually snapped in 320p or 480p resolution.

Fast Burst Camera App for Android

Fast Burst Camera app for Android let you shoot in single shot, 5-burst, full burst, pre-shot or motion trigger. The full burst mode let you capture a full set of photos for as long as you’re pressing the shutter button. However, you can’t take photos in silent mode. Also, it has been observed that it’ll take some time for the photos to get saved. The app also comes with a built-in editor that let you add filters, frames and text, adjust brightness/color, and create animated GIFs and collages. You can also share your masterpieces to Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram from within the app. Fast Burst Camera app is compatible with Android OS versions 2.2 and up.

Final Thoughts

Fast Burst Camera app for Android got some nice set of features, backed by a neat and responsive UI. As a far as its core feature is concerned, it works seamlessly even though the image resolution is only par. The frame rate depends on camera specs. So you might not be able to capture 30 frames/second using a 2mp camera. Social integration comes handy. Those who don’t wish to pay upfront may try out its ‘Lite’ version first. Verdict: Good one; check it out!

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