FileApp Pro App for iPhone Review

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FileApp Pro is a more than handy files and documents manager for iPhone (iDevices in general) that let you transfer files from your PC to iPhone via WiFi and manage them while on the move. FileApp Pro app for iPhone may be downloaded from iTunes App Store for a reasonable $5.99 per copy.

How FileApp Pro works?

FileApp Pro iPhone app basically let you read, move, copy, rename or transfer via email documents, images, audio, videos, PDF, Word, Excel, Powerpoint files with multiple selection so that all files can be organized from the device, on the go. It is also possible to zip up any file and open any file in compatible exterior apps. Further, if you need a simple text file, you are provided with an option to create and edit text files.

FileApp Pro App for iPhone

In order to send a file via email, tap ‘edit’ and select the file followed by tapping the lower-left button and select ‘email’. The app will send the selected file as attachment via email. iPhone FileApp Pro app also supports file search, multiple sorting methods, and selected display of file attributes.
But most of these features are available in similar apps as well. But here are few of its features that put it in a league of its own. FileApp Pro’s secure code entry could be used to keep your files safe from prying eyes. It is far better than most of the ‘hide my file’ type of apps you might find in Google Play. Secondly, the app doubles up as a reliable voice recorder. So, it frees you from having to install another voice recorder application. Finally, FileApp Pro got a handy WiFi file sharing option that let you create a custom network location on your PC that can be exploited to send/receive files to/from your phone. You can easily set up this by following FileApp Pro’s step-by-step instructions.

The menu options for the various functions are properly arranged at the bottom of the screen.
In terms of computer OS’, the app is compatible with Microsoft Windows XP, Vista and 7; Mac OS X (Lion, Snow Leopard, Leopard, Tiger); and Linux (GNOME & KDE). FileApp Pro iPhone application works with iOS versions 4.0 and up.

Final Thoughts

FileApp Pro app for iPhone has everything that you would expect from a files and documents manager. It works with multiple file types, and incorporates all typical file actions such as move, rename, copy, email, edit and print, to name some of them. Security code entry, voice search, and WiFi file sharing comes handy. Overall, a must have application if use your iPhone for your professional needs often.

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