Private Pal App for iPhone Review

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Security is a big concern wherever you got access to the web. Private Pal app for iPhone is built as a ‘safe’ app against cracking, breaking and attacking, with multiple security designs far beyond ordinary. It is meant to protect not only your media files, but also items such as web accounts, bank cards, passwords, and messages. Private Pal iPhone app may be downloaded for $3.99 from iTunes App Store.

Features of Private Pal App

According to iTunes, Private Pal app for iPhone offers unsurpassed features to edit and organize data. You may customize icons, orders, display modes for categories and contents, and use categories like tags to create complex multi-level hierarchies. Further, it uses complex security algorithms to protect private data, something that makes Private Pal for iPhone stand apart from its most competitors.

In terms of major features, Private Pal iPhone app let you have multiple accounts to hide/protect your key account, or to share the safe with other persons. All accounts are totally separated, transparent and equal. You can also share data across all accounts by setting each as “Shared”. Also, the app could protect both categories and independent items using an additional password. It also supports auto lock screen.

Private Pal App for iPhone

Further, there are multiple display modes to suit user taste. The favorites and most recent tab provide good user experience, whereas Fuzzy search to find the information you need quickly comes handy. Other notable features include bulk media import/export, ability to assign an item to multiple categories using tags, file preview, multiple field operations, and data backup and smart importing.

The user interface is properly laid out to provide the best user experience. Thanks to its user friendliness, finding the various menu items and options is pretty straightforward. Private Pal iPhone application is compatible with iOS versions 4.1 and up. File size of 7.9 MB is within acceptable limits for any data plan.


Private Pal app for iPhone adds the much needed safety net over your private information. It is fundamentally different from apps of its type that are known to provide a four-digit password and a file structure with regular iOS features. Private Pal relies on layered security on data/info organized as multi-level hierarchies. If to highlight its features, multiple account facility, bulk media import/export, file preview and Fuzzy search comes handy. Above all, the app is reasonably user friendly to suit most users’ needs. Verdict: Private Pal is a handy safe application to defend your data against all forms of cracking and breaking you can imagine.

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