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A lightning idea does not last in your brains for long. The trick is to get it down in a readable format as early as possible. Dooo – To Do app for iPhone let you do just that by organizing your important thoughts in one place. And it does so in a clear and intuitive manner, unlike many to-do apps you might find in iTunes. Doo – To Do iPhone app can be downloaded for a nominal enough $0.99 per license.

How Dooo – To Do App works?

Dooo – To Do app for iPhone basically makes your smartphone a lot more smarter. Upon opening the app, you’ll see two columns: Today and Unsolved. The app straightaway prompts you to jolt down your thoughts. Tap ‘+’ to add your thoughts. Once done, your entry will be added to ‘Today’. It remains there for 24 hours and subsequently will be moved to ‘Unsolved’. In a way, the app mimics the way your brain works. Sliding the NaviBar on the upper screen to left, it reveals your to-do list history. Dooo – To Do iPhone application also provides multiple options to input your thoughts, including photos, drawings, voice recordings and location check to go alongside the written entry. Further, you can email or SMS a task any time.

Dooo – To Do App for iPhone

Sliding your task to left makes you to choose ‘Lock Task’, ‘Reminder’, or ‘done’ button. Once it is ‘done’, it moves into ‘History’. You can also delete or recover your history line items any time. If you slide your task to right, you can choose the importance level, or delete the same. The importance level may be Red (urgent) and Yellow (important) ; the tasks will be automatically aligns per color and date, again somewhat the way you organize your thoughts in your mind.

Dooo – To Do is compatible with iOS versions 4.1 and upwards.

Final Thoughts

Dooo – To Do app for iPhone is a todo application with a difference; it has a unique way of organizing your thoughts. Jolting down your thoughts, complete with photos, voice, sketches or maps is simple and straightforward. Reminder option comes handy in case of very important tasks. Bottom line: Doo – To Do for iPhone is not too simple or way too complex. It is just ideal for your regular todo purposes.

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