MotoHeroz App for iPhone Review

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Here is another game for motor race lovers: MotoHeroz app for iPhone. It is a fun physics based racing game wherein you attempt to beat your opponent and collect coins/stars on the way. You got to pick from six racing vehicles and over 30 exciting tracks in the game. MotoHeroz comes at a price tag of $0.99. As a limited period offer, you can have the game for free from iTunes App Store.

How MotoHeroz iPhone Game App played?

MotoHeroz app for iPhone takes the fun, fast game play of a Trials style game, with bits of frantic rally racing thrill thrown in, and delivers a fresh new kind of side-scrolling, platform racing game for racing game lovers. The game as a whole is fast paced and exciting. In the game, you race, chase, and rally your way through a brightly colored world, competing against your opponents for the fastest times, entering daily races, and hunting for secrets and coins. Stars allow you unlock new racing tracks as well as upgrade your vehicles.

MotoHeroz App for iPhone

Every board has got super boost items like Spring, Sticky Wheels, Speed Boost, JetPack, and Shockwave, all of which has got their own specialty powers that will help you win the race. Also look out for hidden treasures. In the single player game, you got to race against a ghost vehicle. Those who’ve played Mario Kart will straightaway understand what it means. The ghost vehicle could be a recording of another vehicle that has raced the same track and you got to beat it to the finishing line. Ghost vehicles have low opacity and you can’t bump on to it. In the multiplayer mode, you race against your friends. The game is integrated with Global and Friends Leader Boards so that others will know of your achievements at the end of the day.

The graphics part is good so are the sound effects. MotoHeroz iPhone app is compatible with iOS 4.1 and upwards.


MotoHeroz app for iPhone is a fun game of racing with lots of challenges, excitement and of course, fun. The game play is fast and responsive. The graphics and game control aspects stands out to say the least. If to compare the two game modes, multiplayer game is much more engrossing than the single player mode owing to higher competition levels. Verdict: MotoHeroz game app for iPhone a decent racing game to have if you love racing games.

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