FiLMiC Pro App for iPhone Review

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Thanks to the on-the-go convenience and picture quality, more professionals are turning to iPhone’s (4 & 4S) HD camera to capture videos and pictures, especially when they are on the move. And FiLMiC Pro makes the job a lot easier, by providing better manual control over the process of shooting videos/photos using your iPhone. FiLMiC Pro comes at a tad costly price tag of $3.99 per license.

How FiLMiC Pro App Works?

FiLMiC Pro app for iPhone takes advantage of all the cutting edge features of iPhone’s video camera, alongside giving the person using it more control over their shots. It is designed to give as much manual control as possible over iPhone’s video shooting capabilities, in order to recreate a professional experience.

In FiLMiC Pro iPhone app, there are three shooting modes: Full Frame, Single Reticle, and Double Reticle. Each modes permit different levels of control over the exposure and focus aspects of your device’s camera. For example, Full Frame mode sets the focus and exposure based on the info from the entire frame, whereas Single Reticle sets the exposure/focus through a reticle fixed at the centre of the frame. The final one, the Double Reticle gives you maximum control over the shots; in the said mode, you’ve got two reticles that you can move around in the frame to set the exposure and focus separately.

FiLMiC Pro App for iPhone

At the bottom of the screen are four buttons to lock/unlock focus, exposure, white balance, and torch (flash). For example, once you have the focus and exposure you want, you can lock the same by tapping on the corresponding buttons.

Pertaining to video shoots, using FiLMiC Pro, you can set the frame rates between 1-25 and 30. Frame rate are crucial to better video quality, depending upon the subject you are shooting. Also, you have the option to pick between four different resolutions and corresponding bitrates. Further, features like the color bar/customizable slate will help you maintain a professional quality once you reach the editing room.

FiLMiC Pro iPhone application also considers the possibility of someone mounting DSLR lenses onto iPhones, and hence the “35mm image flip” option.

The app lets you share your videos/photos via YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Tumblr, DropBox, and FTP servers. It is also possible to save the files straight to your iPhone’s camera roll or Filmic library.

The user interface is easy to handle even for an amateur. So people like I or you won’t have any issues shooting videos using FiLMiC Pro.

Final Thoughts

FiLMiC Pro App for iPhone is a must have photography app for your iPhone, for professionals and amateurs alike. Apart from the paid full version, a thinned down version of FiLMiC Pro is available for free download.

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