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Do you want to immortalize your cute dog in the form of a gif, or your buddy did something silly that you want to see in motion? The GifBoom app for iPhone gives you an opportunity to create your own custom animated GIF images in your iPhone. GifBoom may be downloaded for a nominal $0.99 from the App Store.

How GifBoom iPhone App Works?

Since GifBoom app for iPhone is basically a GIF sharing social network, you are supposed to have a user account through registration, which might take about 30 seconds max. Once done that, you’re ready to churn out your own animated GIFs.

You can opt to use video files, bunch of pictures in your gallery, or use your iPhone’s camera to shoot some. If you choose to fiddle with video, the app will break the footage into a series of images, which is then converted into GIF. At the moment, you’re permitted 16 images; so choose the part of footage that you wish to string together to form the animation. In the case of photo, you can choose 16 pictures from the gallery, or use the device’s camera to shoot 16 pictures of something you find interesting.

GifBoom App for iPhone

After you choose the images, GifBoom app for iPhone will give you a preview, and an option to pick the frame rate, wherein you get to move the slider in each direction to obtain the desired frame rate. Click ‘next’ and you’ll be taken to the next page where you may give the GIF any name as you wish. The screen also has multiple options (such as Facebook, Twitter, MMS, email etc) to share your GIF with others.

If you opt to shoot images/videos before converting it to GIF, you have to specify the frame rate before start filming. This will determine the duration of the animation.

The GIFs you create are saved in the phone, as well in GifBoom’s server. In order to access the created GIFs at a later date, go to your profile, click the GIF, and click on the three dots at the bottom right of the screen. A pop up will appear that gives you the option to copy the URL.
It is also possible to copy the GIF to your PC. But you can’t do the same through Photo App’s syncing feature as it does not support GIF. Instead rely on iTunes file sharing feature to get the job done.


GifBoom app for iPhone is a cool application that lets you turn your photos/videos into animated GIFs. We’ll recommend this app for you, if you’re in look out for a utility to create GIFs while on the move.

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