Handy Scanner Pro PDF Creator App for Android Review

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Handy Scanner Pro PDF Creator App for Android is a simple, yet efficient document scanner application. The app uses your phone’s camera to capture documents, and let you convert them into PDF that can be shared in multiple ways. The Pro- version of Handy Scanner Android app may be downloaded for $3.99, while the ad-supported thinned down version comes free of cost. Handy Scanner works with Android OS versions 2.2 or higher.

How Handy Scanner Pro PDF Creator App Works?

Android Handy Scanner Pro ‘scans’ your documents using the device’s camera. Once you’ve hit ‘done’ button, you’ll be asked to select the edges of the document from the photo. On doing that, the app smoothes out the document and crops out the parts of the picture/document that is not required. You’ll be then provided some color and quality options, such as contrast and gray-scale or printer enhancements, to optimize the picture quality. Now the ‘scanned’ image is ready to be saved or shared via email or SNS. The entire process from scanning to saving should not take more than couple of minutes max.

Handy Scanner Pro PDF Creator App

However, Handy Scanner app for Android might not deliver perfect results in the case of color photos or other complex documents. For example, if you try to ‘scan’ a paper with a glossy surface such as a magazine cover, the flash could cause glare that will show up in the final product as well. In short, the app works well with plaintext or black & white documents, and using the basic enhancement settings, you can easily make fax or photocopier replicas of the originals inside few seconds. The user interface is well laid out, with all menu options easily accessible.

Final Thoughts

In a situation where someone asks for a scanned copy of a document, and you’re not anywhere near a scanner or photo copier, an app like Handy Scanner Pro PDF Creator app for Android can be a life saver. It is easy to use and you can finish the job pretty quick. However, it should be kept in mind that the quality of the final product depend a lot of camera quality. So, if you got an 8MP camera, the results will be really good. If you still got doubts, try out the free version of Handy Scanner app first, before deciding whether to go for the Pro version.

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