Image Shrink App for Android Review

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Most smart phones these days have good cameras that let to snap quality, high resolution pictures with ease. But when it comes to sharing it with others via EDGE or GPRS (or even 3G at times), or SNS such as Facebook, it fails to upload quickly, thanks to its file size. Image Shrink app for Android attempts to solve this trouble by letting you ‘shrink’ the size of your photos to customized sizes, before sharing it in the way you wish. Image Shrink Android app may be downloaded from Google Play for $0.99.

How Image Shrink Android App Works?

Image Shrink app for Android does not modify your original photo; instead it shrinks a copy of it. By default, the app comes with five size options ( QQVGA 160×120, QVGA 320×240, VGA 640×480, SVGA 800×600, and XGA 1024×768), plus one custom size that the users can decide for themselves. Further, Image Shrink lets you create images with different quality/resolution (low, medium, high & best), how to name it (unique digit, unique suffix etc), alongside giving you the option to keep all Exif, GPD, date, and time data.
Image Shrink App for Android

Technically, Android Image Shrink app sits between your photos and the application you wish to send the images to. That is, first you send your images to Image Shrink, and after resizing the images, the app will send it to the applications you wish the photos to be sent to. You can access Image Shrink from the “Send To”/”Attachments” menu; when you wish to send an image after shrinking it, activate Image Shrink from the said menu, shrink your image by choosing the size, then pick whatever application you want to send the image with, and the app will automatically insert/attach the shrunken image to the said application.

The user interface is easy to use; the various options/menus are well laid out.

Final Thoughts

Image Shrink app for Android for delivers what it promises; it shrinks the photos to various sizes seamlessly. Its integration with other apps is also optimal as there is no lag whatsoever in any of the steps in between. If you wish to know its features, you may first try out the ‘Lite’ version of the app that comes for free of cost. Verdict: Image Shrink is a handy application for your Android device, if you tend to share pictures with your friends often.

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