ZPlayer App for Android Review

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ZPlayer App for Android is a Windows 7/Zune themed media player for your smartphone. It is a full option media player that is capable of playing your favorite songs, albums, podcast/radio, and even your movies and videos. ZPlayer app may be downloaded from Google Play for a nominal price of $2.99.

How ZPlayer Android App Works?

In addition to the above-mentioned features, ZPlayer has lots of customizable widgets. For example, in the app, you’ve got fast forward and rewind controls, equalizer, headset controls, home screen customization, and audio effects, to name some of them. Also, you can have information on your favorite singers/artists, tracks you like, and even find out what other people are listening to at the moment. Also noteworthy is the feature that lets you check different charts, such as the top artist, top songs, new songs/ top albums etc. In the app, you can even view the history of the songs that you’ve previously played.

ZPlayer App for Android also provides you live reviews of artists, albums and podcasts. Further, if you have a last.fm account, you can connect to the same from within the application, submit your favorites, and view yours and your friend’s music history. Most music loving people will certainly enjoy this feature.

ZPlayer App for Android

As evident from the screenshot, the user interface of ZPlayer is nicely laid out; the menus, buttons, and the theme just blend in perfectly. The user interface is also quite easy to navigate around. For example, swiping the home screen to the left/right shows the ‘current playing’ song and listening history. Further, to jump to the ‘now playing’ screen, use the volume controls to reveal the music controls, and then tap on the song name (in bold) or the artist name.

On the downside, only those Android devices having Froyo (2.2) or later versions of Android OS can take advantage of the audio streaming feature. But then lack of backward compatibility is an issue with many Android apps. It is something that is not in your hands unfortunately.


ZPlayer App for Android is the answer to all those looking for the perfect, all-in-one medial player on the Android platform. It provides you with a total media player experience, something that was lacking in Android platform for so long. Given its myriad features, the price tag of $2.99 looks very much nominal. Verdict: ZPlayer Android app is worth trying out, if you are a big time music buff.

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