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Find Restaurants Near You

Feeling hungry? Are you in a mood to dine out? Don’t know where to go for quality food? Don’t worry. BooRah Restaurant Locator Android App can help you. With BooRah Restaurant Locator mobile application for Android you can easily find nearby restaurants.

BooRah Restaurant Locator is developed for Android. This restaurant locator performs restaurant search for more than 10,000 cities. As you select a city, BooRah will look for details about restaurants close to the selected city from various sources. At last, it will provide you with the best information possible. With BooRah Restaurant Locator Android App, you are allowed to rate a location listed in the app, so as to give others an idea about what they have to proffer.

The BooRah Restaurant Locator app for Android offers you three view formats.

• Map View
• List View
• Detail View

Map View – The map view provides markers listing the various locations around you that BooRah Restaurant Locator has in its database. In the map view, you are allowed to specify a place to locate the restaurant close to it.  The map view can be moved by clicking on the direction arrows. It is a good option to get a quick overview of places to eat, what’s available to eat and where they are exactly located in comparison to your current location.


List View – List view will provide you with the list of places in the database of BooRah. Nearby locations to the farthest are available in the list. Also, it provides details of the restaurant like the address, type of cuisine, reviews, buzz, features, and Boo (Bad) or Rah (Good) rating percentage. List view is ideal for those who are new to a location and want to see which restaurants should take a look.

Detailed View – The final view is the Detail View which provides almost the same details provided in List View such as the restaurant name, the Boo or Rah overall rating, reviews, etc. Besides, it provides three ratings: Food, Service, and Ambiance, which are handled through bars. From this, you will get an idea whether the people enjoyed the place or not. Also, it provides an option to add reviews of your own.


If you wish to dine out, you can find a better restaurant near you with the help of BooRah Restaurant Locator mobile application. The Android BooRah Restaurant Locator app has scored 8.5 out of 10.

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