YourSport Pro Android App Review

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YourSport Pro is a Fitness Manager mobile application for Google Android smart phone users. YourSport Pro Android app gives you an idea about various exercises.

Features of YourSport Pro Android App

• Control your diet as well as fitness activities.
• Improve and keep your health and shape; and enjoy training.
• Enjoy training with built-in exercises.
• Organize your training time and enjoying results.
• View changes in BMI.
• Create custom exercises.
• Create personalized profiles.
• Training with friends or family.

YourSport Pro was designed by MyMobiTools for Google Android mobile phones. It is really meant for people who like trainings. For those who does not have enough time to visit gym, but wants to do their daily exercise, then YourSport Pro app for Android is a great choice. It will assist you during your workouts.

This work out companion features 38 pre loaded exercises that cover the complete body. A description along with the step by step detailed instructions on how to perform the exercise and images to illustrate each step is provided as you choose an exercise. YourSport Pro also comes with voice assistance which helps you during your exercises. The voice can be a male’s voice or a female’s voice depending on your choice. Once you finish the exercise, the Android app will provide information about the quantity of calories you burn based on the details entered by you in your profile.

YourSport Pro also allows you to create exercises of your choice. By pressing the Add Exercise button, you can add new exercises in any of the exercise categories. Another feature of YourSport Pro Android app is a timer, which lets you to manage your training time. With YourSport Pro fitness app for Android, you have the option to create various profiles to store your workout details and the workouts of your training partners.

The YourSport Pro app for Android includes a food diary that lets you to keep an eye on your diet along with the exercise information. It is properly designed and the details provided by the app are in an easily readable format. Also, it provides complete training statistics.


YourSport Pro fitness application is a personal trainer for you and your family. It is priced at $2.99. This excellent fitness mobile application has scored 9 out of 10 in our review.

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