Find the information you need on the water with NOAA Buoy and Tide Data App for iPhone

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Although many apps don’t have to be paid for simply by virtue of the fact that they have versions of themselves that are available for free, every now and then you do get something seriously valuable in return for taking the time to shell out for a specific app. The $1.99 price tag that is attached to the NOAA Buoy and Tide Data app for iPhone is a good example of this simply because of the fact that it gives you so much.

Customizable by Buoy

If you need information on tides and water levels, the place to get it is the NOAA. This impressive organization is of course responsible for maintaining that kind of data through the system of buoys that they have available and it is really tapping into that network that will give you the chance to get the best information available to you given your current situation. The NOAA Buoy and Tide Data iPhone app allows you to customize this network by tide, specifying a specific name for a buoy and getting it on screen. Similarly, you can search for all of the buoys near you and pick the ones that you want through the use of the GPS functionality built into your iPhone device.

NOAA Buoy and Tide Data App for iPhone

Extra functionality

Do you not like the readings that your iPhone is giving from the GPS? Maybe because the weather is precluding getting a clear signal? There is no problem with NOAA Buoy and Tide Data app for iPhone because it gives you the chance to manually override that GPS placement and manually pick a position that makes more sense. You can get a map of locations of buoys as well without having to pick anything and the data that you get back gives you all of the information you need to know about current water conditions as well as what potentially might happen in the future through predictive algorithms used by the NOAA in their own actual case studies.

Final Score

At the end of the day, $1.99 really is not that much to pay for an app. It is in fact a tiny amount of money and when you consider the fact you are getting access to one of the best datasets available of its kind in the world (if not the best), this one becomes a no brainer. Our final score for NOAA Buoy and Tide Data iPhone app is 9 out of 10.

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