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There is certainly no dearth of interesting apps on the Android platform relating to IQ, intelligence or wisdom, but The Moron Test for the Android is definitely one of the more interesting ones in this category. It is not a standard intelligence test, but rather one that will test your reflexes in a game that is as fun to play as it is addictive. It has already been downloaded millions of times and because of that The Moron Test app for Android definitely does have a lot to offer the average person.

Reaction time and quick thinking

The way to make sure that you do well in The Moron Test Android quiz game is to actually go right ahead and practice your reaction time. With all of the twisting and moving that you’ll have to do while playing the Moron Test Android game app, you could very well find yourself up the creek without a paddle should you not have the ability to react quickly or think quickly. You need both of these to succeed and that is probably why there are so many people that do not do nearly as well with The Moron Test Android app as they would for anything else.

The Moron Test game App for Android

Lots of options

There are multiple sections available in this game that range from the lowest Moron level to the highest Genius level. Each of these sections have 7 different parts and overall there are hundreds of different steps for you to take in each section in order to master it and move onto the next one. Comprehensive levels and challenges mean that the Moron Test game app will last you a very long time and once you have actually determined just how good this game can be, the addictive nature and fantastic graphics will keep you hooked until you finish it off.

Final Score

The Moron Test app for Android will give you everything that you could possibly want in terms of a sweet deal for an Android application. Considering the fact that it only costs about $0.97 to download, you can easily see why this app has one of the best return on investments of fun of any Android app currently available on the market. We love this app and have given it a final score of 10 out of 10. This is definitely one you will want to consider downloading, especially if you love brain and puzzle games.

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