Put your pedal to the air metal in Jet Car Stunts App for iPhone

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Are you interested in getting a surge of adrenaline whenever you play your next game for the iPhone? Do you want a proven app with a history of success that has been attested to by multiple awards? Are you looking for twisting and turning with awesome cars and maybe even the chance for horrible explosions when things go wrong? If this seems like a combination of things that will really appeal to you, it could very well be the case that Jet Car Stunts app for iPhone is definitely the game for you.

Lots of features packed in

When you purchase Jet Car Stunts iPhone app, you are going a long way towards getting all kinds of different features packed right into the overall app. Smooth game play combined with quick response time will give you a feeling of reality that you may never have experienced before. Additionally, realistic physics applied to over 30 different tracks with an option on more than 30 more through download will give you even more realism over a wider choice in terms of the playing base. Add into this the fact that you can use jet engines to assist your drifting and what you have is a recipe for a game of jumps, loops, hurdles and plain old-fashioned racing that will get your heart rate up right from the moment that the start gates are passed.

Jet Car Stunts App for iPhone

Play in three different kinds of modes

Since Jet Cars Stunts app for iPhone is an extremely versatile app, you can actually enjoy three different modes right off the bat. Are you interested in showing how far you can get without dying? Try the platforming challenge which simply keeps throwing the tracks at you and dares you to do as good as you can. Traditional check point time racing is also available in the Time Trial mode, with Ghost Racing available as well as the third mode to allow you to race against the replays of others.

Final Score

Jet Car Stunts game app for iPhone most definitely has the complete package. At $1.99 this gane application is towards the higher end of what someone would pay for a “cheap” game on the iPhone, but it is definitely worth the price considering how much fun you can get from it. Our final score for the Jet Car Stunts iPhone app is 10 out of 10.

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