Poynt for Android – Find Your Dinner, Movie and Gas Stations all in One App

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Poynt for Android helps to locate businesses in your area and gives you a way to just click and call, get directions to the business or send the info to your contacts.  Poynt also has 5 other topics that it can search for, Gas prices, events, people, restaurants and movies.  This is a versatile geo-location app that combines the features found in separate apps all into one easy to use app.

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 With Poynt you can search people by a reverse phone listing lookup using either an address or a phone number or just by the person’s name.  Finding a movie is made very easy because Poynt has a top 10 current favorites search that can be put on the home screen.  You can also search by the name of the movie or by the theater.  Poynt goes even further than just finding a movie; you can also view movie rankings, add a movie to your calendar, buy movie tickets and then make a reservation for dinner.

 There are more than a few gas price checking apps and Poynt included one in theirs also.  It displays the best prices for gas at gas stations in your area.

 We really like Poynt, it is a fun and helpful android app however, we think this app needs a little work on the interface.  It’s not something they have to go back to the drawing board with, just improving a few of the graphics and the fluidity of navigation would be nice.  Poynt is still up there as one of our check it out apps.



We give Poynt for Android a 7/10.  It is a completely useful app that is staying on our android, but it needs some work for navigation and overall appearance.  Sure, we know it’s a utility, but we’d still like it to look good.  If that makes us picky, then we are doing our jobs!

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