The World is Full of Hills for Flying, Tiny Wings iPhone App

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Island Hopping

Tiny Wings is one of those very simple concepts made with really fun graphics that catches on and becomes incredibly popular.  Tiny Wings is a fantastic app for anyone that has ever wanted to fly.  Take one little bird with wings give it some hilly terrain and let the good times roll.

Tiny Wings is an app that you will find yourself mesmerized by.  Its very simple interface and one touch play style game for the iPod Touch or iPhone.  The challenge is to get a little bird with tiny wings as far as it can go before nightfall.  The real challenge is that this bird’s version of flying is completely based on inertia and launching off of hills which the game is full of.

As the nightfall approaches closely behind, Tiny Wings must constantly stay ahead or the mission is lost.  As you slide up and down hills gaining momentum; the skill for the player is knowing when to tap and launch to get more distance.  Then, at the right time, you click again and strategically dive to give you faster ground speed for the next launch.

Anyone that was impressed with Angry Birds might enjoy this game.  A neat aspect of this game is that it has procedural graphics that changes each time you play.  This is a really well made game and hard to put down.   Flying from island to island, Tiny Wings is easy to learn, but takes some doing to get the timing down for maximizing flight time and distance gains.  While that is a bit of a challenge, the game still remains a relaxing and satisfying thrill.



Well, it can’t get much easier than this, one touch game-play.

Procedural Graphics, Changes Depending on the Day

Fun for Anyone

It has a cute little short-winged underdog of a bird

Tiny Wings can turn a bad day into a good one



We are giving Tiny Wings a 7/10.  Its simplistic approach makes for a fun app, the art style and music are incredible and the game-play is excellent.  The game could use some additional aspects in later upgrades.  We are hoping for a different type of bird, maybe with some different kind of attribute, like slower descent or a turbo boost?  Not sure, we’ll leave the thinking up to the developers, but it would add more fun and a different type of challenge to the game if it had a variety of birds.  We are also hoping that there will be more upgrades for the bird nest.

Tiny Wings is a definite buy.  Playing this app too much may cause you to dream about chasing down bird seed and flying off hills for a month, but we’re sure you can handle it.

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