Fitness Flow Android App Review

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Fitness Flow, as the name indicates, is a health and fitness Android application which is capable of providing you with all the necessary information (mostly visuals) about working out, keeping your body fit and staying healthy throughout. Rather than mere calorie counts and body mass calculations, this application is more focused on assisting you with the type of workouts and exercises you have to choose and select, to achieve the perfect body you have dreamt of. Fitness Flow is a paid app and requires $3.99 to purchase and install from the Google Play Store.


Fitness Flow for Android gives you access to more than a hundred exercise videos which can be streamed and played directly from the application. These videos are offered in extreme HD quality and contain the right visuals and demonstrations about your workouts, exercises and training plans. There is also an option to save the videos for offline viewing. However, the app requires a fast internet connection to initially stream or download the desired visuals. The videos and the training lessons provided by the application are extremely comprehensive and interactive. The postures, movements, reps, time period etc are explained in detail with proper images, animations and descriptions. Each video actually waits for you to do the workouts and moves to the next one only when you choose to do so. There are separate icons to resume, pause, move to the next exercise and to quit your workouts, just like you workout in a real equipment. What’s more advantageous is that most of the exercises demonstrated in the videos don’t require any heavy gym equipments or devices. You can very well practice and work out almost all of them right from your homes.

Fitness Flow Android App Review

Fitness Flow for Android allows users to record their workouts and also add their personal notes to each of them. These workout sessions will be recorded and saved under the history tab which can be used to better the performances every next time. Like most other applications, you can very well share these results through your social media accounts.


Fitness Flow Android app is a full-fledged visual trainer that can train you efficiently to achieve your fitness goals with ease. Explore the application to know how, when and what all you need to carry out to get fit and healthy, like never before!

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