Eklips iPhone Game App Review

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Eklips for iPhone is a minimalistic puzzle game about making squares around a dot. It is a different take on the classical Tetris game. If you’d grew up playing Tetris, but want something new and refreshing as well, Eklips might just fit the bill. You can get Eklips app for $1.99 from iTunes App Store.


The minimalistic aesthetic of Eklips game for iPhone is rather beautifully to behold. The purple background is dotted with white to symbolize stars, while some slim clouds and a crescent shaped moon are shown at the top. The game pieces are colored blue when they appear. But when you set them on the board, they become hues of pink and purple to match the backdrop. The animations are slick and smooth, while the white noise soundtrack help you unwind as your busy yourself racking up points in the game.

Eklips iPhone Game App Review

Eklips for iPhone has two game modes: Normal and Hard. In either mode, you play the game endlessly until there is no more space on the board. Your objective is to drop the game pieces on the board so that they create a square around the center tile. It is like Tetris. But instead of lines, here you’re dealing with squares. You’ll earn points as you successfully manage to a full square around the center. You’ll pocket more points if the square you made is larger. You also get more points if you manage to get consecutive squares with one move. Once you make a square, it is cleared out and rest of the blocks gravitates towards the center of the board. The controls are easy to understand. At times, however, we felt it was a bit sensitive and hard to control. You can undo one move using the button at the bottom left corner. Unlike Tetris, you cannot get a preview of your next piece. It only reveals the next piece after you’re out of space on the grid.


Despite few flaws in the control scheme, Eklips for iPhone is still an enjoyable game. The graphics looks decent while the background music helps to unwind after a hectic day. The game play is similar to Tetris, but different enough to stand on its own. Lack of preview is a big letdown, especially if you’re a fan of Tetris. Overall, a fun and challenging strategic puzzler perfect to kill time during your flight, or while waiting for the tube.

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