Super Backup Contacts iPhone App Review

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With time, the contacts saved in your iPhone increases exponentially. Since you’re not going to use a single iPhone for more than few years, it is always better to have some means to backup your contacts so that a contract upgrade does not leave you with an empty address book. Of course, there are various means to backup contacts, such as to the cloud or the Mac. But what about a backup option that does not require your computer or an iCloud account? This is what Super Backup app for iPhone is for you. You can get the app for $0.99.


Super Backup: Contacts app for iPhone virtually simplifies the contacts backup process. It basically does not involve computer or cloud backup for that matter. Instead, the app uses email to backup all your contacts. Most importantly, the app helps you backup your contacts in a flash. It is just a tap required, and Super Backup for iPhone sends all your contacts ready to be sent to yourself via email. In fact, it also provides a way to upload your contacts to your favorite cloud storages, as an option. Supported cloud services include Dropbox, OneDrive, and Box. For the user, it is also equally easy to restore the backed up contacts to your new iPhone. You only got to simply tap on the Contacts.vcf backup file in the iOS devices Mail app.

Super Backup Contacts iPhone App Review

There is nothing much about the UI. Given its functionality, the UI does not have too many options or menus. You just got to click the ‘Backup Now’ button to backup your contacts to email. The email further features an instruction to send this email to yourself, and how to restore contacts later on. The app is found to be quite slick and responsive as well. Super Backup: Contacts requires iOS 6.0 or later.


Super Backup: Contacts app for iPhone is a quick and easy way to backup your contacts. With a single button press, the app backups your contacts and ready it to be sent via email to yourself. Super Backup does not require iCloud account to work, even though the app provides a means to backup to various cloud services as an option. It is also easy to restore the contacts back to your iPhone. The UI is minimalistic. The app is also stable and responsive. Check it out if you want a means to backup your contacts without iCloud access.

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