Flatdog iPhone Game App Review

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What will you get if you mix Matrix with man’s best companion? Probably it will be something along the lines of Flatdog app for iPhone. It is a fast paced physics based action game, with procedurally generated levels. You can download Flatdog game for $0.99 from iTunes App Store.

Game Features

Here is the game synopsis of Flatdog game for iPhone: You don’t understand anything about cell phones or computers, which is why you were easily duped into downloading PHoNe-CLEEN® from MAL-soft. After you had used PHoNe-CLEEN®’s theft.cam to take a picture of your beloved canine companion he was sucked into your cell phone by a violent flash of hyper electrostacicity. Now you got to help your flattened dog escape the phone and that is what the game is about. The only way to rescue your dog is to blast your way through the procedurally-generated levels, which is fun as well as challenging. Every playthrough is different. The funky physics based game play is entertaining throughout. Of course, it is not an easy journey, with nine enemy types to battle against.

Flatdog iPhone Game App Review

Flatdog iPhone game app features six game changing powerups that you got to use judiciously. As you shoot your way ahead, don’t forget to collect coins that can be used to upgrade your dogware, giving Flatdog the ability to see through the code or perform an ElectroDash. The coins also come handy to collect changing powerups that shield, heal, slow time and give Flatdog the power of flight. The graphics of Flatdog game for iPhone is decent, if not great. The animations look nice on screen. The sparkly particles and pretty lights standout. Performance wise, the game is largely stable and responsive as well. Flatdog game requires iOS versions 8.0 or higher.


Flatdog app for iPhone is a thrilling physics based game with procedurally generated levels that will keep you at your toes during the duration of the game play. It has a nice concept, and engaging game play. The nine enemy types will give you lots of reasons to worry. Your success depends upon how you use your powerups. The graphics can be best termed as decent. We found the game to be slick and responsive, with no apparent lags or freezes. Check it out if you are a fan of physics based puzzle games.

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