MealPlan Meal and Grocery Planner iPhone App Review

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MealPlan for iPhone is an easy, efficient way to plan meals and groceries. It helps you organize your trips to the store with recipes and meal planning. Now it has Apple Watch (watch OS3) support as well. You can download MealPlan app for $3.99 from iTunes App Store.


MealPlan app for iPhone is a weekly meal and grocery planning app that’s focused on getting the job done efficiently. It got a simple interface that let you quickly plan out meals like “Hamburgers on Thursday, Fish and Rice on Friday”. Recent meals are easily available, whereas you can type in new items the first time you use them. MealPlan app creates your grocery list as you’re planning meals. When you’re done, tap the Grocery Basket to see the list, add new items, mark off items you already have, and then print it, email it, or sync it with your iDevices. The biggest USP of the app is that it saves lots of time otherwise spent in creating grocery lists from the scratch.

MealPlan Meal and Grocery Planner iPhone App Review

With the app, it’ll take hardly five minutes to plan the meals for a week. The app provides quick and easy access to recent recipes. You can also easily find and save recipes or add groceries they need. It is also possible to use recipes that you find online. You also got an option to add a note to any meal item, including clickable links. The UI is well designed and intuitive to use. The combined search/add box makes it easy to add new items. It is a nice feature that the app syncs with all iOS devices. So if you make a meal plan on your iPad, you can access it in your iPhone and vice versa. You can also upload your meal plans and grocery lists to DropBox. Last but not the least, you can email a plain text summary of the week’s plan to your near ones if required. You can also print out a week’s plan to any AirPrint printer.


MealPlan app for iPhone makes meal planning easy and quick. As it creates a grocery list while you’re planning meals, your shopping trips becomes more efficient as well. Accessing a recent recipe is easy enough, while the option to add a note to any meal item comes handy at times. The UI is intuitive to use. The combined search/add box is a nice touch. The app is also stable and responsive. Check it out if you’re in the lookout for a robust meal planner and grocery list creator app.

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