Flight Control iPhone Game App Review

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Want to live as a Flight Controller for sometime, minus the stress involved in the job? Well, the Flight Control app for iPhone does just that. In this simple, yet addictive game, you act as a flight controller who directs various planes to different landing strips, all the while trying to avoid any accidents or collisions. With couple of planes coming in, it could be easy in the beginning. But as the traffic increases, the iPhone Flight Control game also gains momentum.

The Game

You act as a flight controller, who is supposed to direct planes for a safer landing. There are two runways – red and yellow – and a helicopter pad (in blue). Depending on their color of the incoming planes, they are to be directed to either of the runways. Helicopters can only land on the pad. The bottom line is to manage the said task sans any collisions.

The task of guiding planes is simple. Just tap on the plane on the screen, and drag your finger to the appropriate runway. As the number of incoming planes increases, you need to do this in a jiffy, or else you’ll miss one of those leading to a mid-air collision/crash. To adjust a path, do the same; tap on the plane and draw the new path on the screen. When not sure where to guide an incoming plane at a moment, just guide it to fly in circles, and come back to it later when the other incoming traffic is managed properly. Keep in mind that in this game, all the pilots are dumb. They don’t change their plane’s course by themselves. That is, if a plane finishes its path, and it has not landed yet, it’ll just keep flying straight. They just fly it into the screen, and leave it to you to manage.


Even though, you may not be able to see the incoming planes that are still off-screen, the app will give you a warning on potential incoming aircrafts and possible collisions. The game level increases rapidly, and as soon as 5-6 planes start hovering in the skies, the player is going to have a tough task at hand. That is in fact where the Flight Control app’s real beauty lies. It keeps you engrossed through out the game session.

Final Take

Flight Control is a fun game, you don’t really mind to have in your Apple iPhone. It could give you the much needed time pass, while waiting at the airport or at the hotel lounge. Flight Control iPhone app is priced at $2.99.

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