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We all tend to save lots of personal info in our mobile phones, whether it is phone/fax numbers, emails, or even one’s bank account details, to name some of them. Imagine the damage it could cause to oneself and others, if someone happens to misplace their phone, and it ends up in wrong hands. SBSH has come up with a new iPhone app, SafeWallet, which could come handy in such circumstances. The app provides a high security AES 256 encrypted environment in the iPhone to safeguard personal info. Further, the app comes with a complimentary PC version, which can be synced with its iPhone cousin.

Features of SafeWallet App

SafeWallet iPhone app is simple, yet overflowing with features. When you, the user, open the app, you’ll find two tabs (better than four or five in other apps) at the bottom – Tools and Wallets. In the Tools tab, there are four further options: Settings, Sync Mode, PC Companion, and About. The Settings section has the option to enable Auto Password Validation, alongside the option to view the last viewed Wallet. Sync Mode enables the user to sync the app with the PC version. PC Companion offers additional features such as custom template, import and export options etc.


In the Wallet’s tab, users could create new wallets or edit the existing ones. For those who are not familiar with the term, a Wallet is like the real wallet, wherein one could store personal information, cards, papers, memos, numbers etc. The difference lies in the fact that one can’t access these virtual wallets without providing the right password.

Users need to specify a name for the wallet, and password, when they first create a wallet. The app requests the user to verify the password to prevent any mistakes creeping in. The ‘favorites’ tab lets one mark and view their favorite wallets like ‘superstars’ in Gmail, while the handy search option makes searching the wallets a cake walk for the users.

The iPhone SafeWallet app come with entries corresponding to your Bank Account, Address, Credit Card, Car Info, Lens Prescription, SSN etc. Further, if you wish to have more classifications that aren’t present in the predefined templates, there are options to add new ones. Further, users could create ‘folders’ to organize similar information together like in the Windows OS, and ‘cards’ to save in the wallet.

Final Thoughts

SafeWallet, with its AES 256 encryption, is a safe and secure iPhone app you could trust. It is easy to use, and is feature rich to cater to an average iPhone user’s wallet requirements. Overall, SafeWallet mobile application a must have in your iPhone if you are a person who tend to carry lots of personal information along in your gadget. Verdict: 3.5 Stars!

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