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The computers made by Apple have always been the strong ones as far as multimedia is concerned. Since it has always been the hallmark of the Apple computers, it should come as no surprise that the iPhone has followed in those footsteps by generating some powerful multimedia apps. One that is powerful yet completely laid back and fun to use is Color Magic iPhone mobile app.

Remove everything and start from scratch

iPhone Color Magic app should be able to work on any photo that you have no matter what the origin of that photography actually is. You can take the photo with the camera on your iPhone or you can actually pick that photo up from a photo album on your iPhone that you already have. You can even important photos from elsewhere into your album in preparation for using them in Color Magic iPhone app.

Once you have the photograph that you want, all you have to do is import it into Color Magic and this free iPhone app will change that picture into black and white for you. There is usually no mess and no fuss involved. You start with a color image outside of Color Magic and you end up with a black and white image in Color Magic.


Start creating magical images from scratch

Now that you have a black and white image in Color Magic ready to go, you are truly in a position where you can start from scratch. All you have to do is choose a color, a brush size, a transparency and whatever other options you would like to add to the brush strokes that you make. Once you’ve done all that, you are ready to paint.

In order to paint, simply tap your finger on the Multitouch interface of your iPhone and move it around. You should have no problems getting adjusted to the interface and the graphical quality is something amazing. If you have a picture with an object in the foreground and a lot in the background, you can use Color Magic to make everything black and white except for the object in the foreground. The end result, if done right, can be absolutely spectacular.

Final Score

It is really amazing that iPhone Color Magic app is free because it is a fantastic piece of software that definitely deserves a lot of credit for doing what it has done. We’ve given Color Magic mobile application a final score of 9 out of 10.

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