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The world of mobile smart phone communication is a competitive one and while the iPhone has certainly done a lot to push forth the boundaries of communication, it is also true that one big criticism of it has been that the standard phone features that it brings to the table are not on par with competitor systems like the Blackberry. Thumbtacts is a free iPhone communications app that resolves to fix this problem by allowing you to easily phone a contact with just one hand on the iPhone.

Letters at the top, suggestions at the bottom

The way that Thumbtacts iPhone app works is quite simple. Instead of going to your address book, you start this app up and immediately get presented with four choices from your contacts list. You can tap the more button to change those choices or you can tap one of the choices in order to bring up the next list. Through this way, you can iteratively cycle through your contacts until you get the one that you want to phone without having to deal with the address book that at the moment is probably one of the weak points of the iPhone’s overall product presentation.


Dial numbers with one hand

If there is one criticism of most iPhone products that has been particularly difficult to defend, it is the criticism that calling someone with one hand is very hard to do. The iPhone makes it hard to do for many reasons, one of which is that the screen is too large and the numbers too far apart. For the person walking with two armloads of material, this can make using the iPhone very frustrating indeed. Thumbtacts iPhone mobile application allows you to cycle through contacts and call the one you want to reach with just one hand and for that reason allows you to turn your iPhone back into a normal phone that you can once again use with just one hand. For many people, this will be an absolute boon that immediately elevates the presence of the iPhone in their eyes.

Final Score

When iPhone Thumbtacts app first came out, it was an immediate hit. Within a week there were already 10,000 downloads and that number has been quickly growing ever since. This is a free app that greatly enhances the communications quality of the iPhone which after all is supposed to be the reason that people have it in the first place. We love it and give this app a final score of 10 out of 10.

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