Flip Writer AAC Pocket iPhone App Review

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Flip Writer AAC for iPhone provides powerful features for effective text to speech conversion. It provides customizable and high-quality solution that is trusted by thousands of hospitals and schools. The app effectively empowers children and adult with hearing disability and other complex issues. The app has tools to aid people with speech impairment, deaf and those who have hard of hearing. The app has packaged all tools in a beautiful manner such that even disabled children can use the app with ease.

A Great Way To Stay Connected & Interact For Those Who Are Impaired

Flip Writer AAC is an intuitive and easy to use app with tools for text to speech conversion. The app allows you to type messages which will be displayed to you and your partner. You need to tap on the large display for text to speech conversion. When you double tap a loud chime will play. The large tap surface will help people who have motor disabilities. The entire area with white flipped display can be tapped for the conversion. The service is most useful when you want to communicate technical terms, abbreviation and others. The speech recognition tool help communicate well with hearing impaired partners. You just have to speak into the app and it will convert the speech to legible text that can be read easily. You can customize the speech rate and accent.

Flip Writer AAC Pocket iPhone App Review

Powerful Text-based AAC App

Flip Writer AAC is a proven and trusted solution that is designed and developed by scientists from Stanford University. They provide outstanding service and a great support team who can handle any kind of queries. The conversations are very private and you will not get stares when in a public place. You can have day to day communication with hearing and speech impaired persons with ease. The app costs $24.99 to download and use. The app requires iOS 10.0 and above and is compatible with iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

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