n-Track Studio Pro DAW iPhone App Review

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n-Track Studio Pro for iPhone is a recording studio app which helps to record and replay an almost infinite number of audio and MIDI tracks, mix them in real time, and apply effects during playback. Join the Songtree community and jam with other musicians, or edit your song and share it with our friends. The application allows for simultaneous recording from several 16- and 24-bit soundcards, as well as non-destructive real-time audio effects on each track. Multiband compression, delay, graphic EQ, pitch shift and time stretch, parametric EQ, and a spectrum analyzer with guitar tuner are among the built-in effects. Use the built-in microphone or an external audio interface to record a track in the app. Using our Loop Browser and royalty-free sample packs, we can add and modify audio tracks. With the Step Sequencer Beat Maker feature in the app, we can also import grooves and make beats. Create tunes using the built-in virtual instruments and the internal keyboard. External keyboards can also be connected. We can adjust levels, pan, EQ, and effects with the mixer and also directly from the smartphone, save or share the recording.

Record unlimited audios

Some of the advanced features of the application are audio tracks in stereo and mono, Beat Maker with Step Sequencer, Synths integrated into MIDI tracks, Loop Browser & Sample Packs in-app, Almost infinite amount of tunes, Auxiliary and group channels, MIDI Editor for Piano Rolls, MIDI keyboard on screen, EQ with chromatic tuner and 2D and 3D spectrum analyzer etc. Plugins for guitar and bass amplifiers, Reverb, Echo, Chorus, and Flanger effects, as well as Tremolo, Pitch Shift, Phaser, Tube Amp, and Compression effects, can be applied to any track as well as the master channel. It also includes a built-in metronome and can also import tracks that already exist. Using volume and pan envelopes we can automate track volume and pan and also can post our recordings on the internet. Use the integrated Songtree online music making community to collaborate and produce music with other musicians. English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, and Indonesian were among the languages included in the app.

nTrack Studio Pro DAW iPhone App

User friendly and great features

Multiple audio outputs are supported when utilizing suitable USB devices, as well as input monitoring. We might also take pleasure in that there are no limits to the number of audio and MIDI tracks we may create. Unlocks all of the effects that are currently accessible and there is no limit to the amount of effects per channel. WAV or MP3 files can be exported also with the app. Overall it is a great user friendly recording app for iOS users. The app costs $29.99 to download from iTunes App Store.

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