Floating Apps Real Multitasking for Android Review

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Floating Apps for Android aids multitasking for your smartphone. The app uses the concept of floating windows and you get to enjoy the power of multitasking. It makes life easy as you don’t have the current app for another small task. It has a collection of mini apps for all kind of purposes. The app has 41 different collections of mini apps that makes it easy to work around all the different tasks with your smartphones. It has the most advanced collection of floating mini apps. The large collection of these mini apps will make you enjoy working with smartphones.

Mini Floating Apps At Your Disposal

Floating Apps is a simple set of apps that are available for all your purposes. It makes life easy as you can stop switching between apps. The app can convert all URLs and home screen apps into floating apps. The quick launch and floating menu will help you access floating apps anytime anywhere. The floating menu can also access normal apps and also shortcuts. There are movable launch icons that can be resized as well. These icons will also stay on top of the screen. You can move window by dragging the title. It can also be resized by dragging from the bottom. You can switch the apps to cover the whole screen or minimize it. You can easily access features and other functions with transparent window and context menu.

Floating Apps Real Multitasking for Android Review

Experience real multitasking

Floating Apps is the best of its kind app that makes multitasking pretty simple. The app has been involved in constant innovation and the multitasking experience is improving with each upgrade. The app makes things really interesting. You get to watch movies or listen to music as you work with your phone. You can use the calendar or take notes anywhere and anytime. You can view the attachments without leaving the email app. The app supports English, European and Asian languages. The app is price $4.99 to download from Google Play Store.

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