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Free Slots App by is a Chrome App available at the Chrome Webstore.  This is an entertainment app that gives app users direct access to free slots games with unlimited free plays.  It’s very entertaining in that all the slots games are completely unlocked which lets the app user play as long as they want.  This game app is all hosted by a clever little raccoon character that the developers named “Randy Raccoon”.


Free Slots App for Chrome is a great way to boost your slots casino skills. While most agree that slots are not a skill based game, it probably doesn’t hurt to practice, especially when it’s free.  Another one of the features of the slots casino app are the informational guides that the developers provide for free.  These guides give information about paylines, payout percentages, and other useful tips for playing slot machines.  The best feature of the app is that it is updated on their server with new games daily, which is great because it doesn’t require the app user to download anything additional once they get the app.  It’s actually quite refreshing to have an app that doesn’t require an update ever on the user side.  Some of the best and most challenging slots are the 3D slots which NetEnt and Betsoft develop.  These types of slots are the new and exciting games people are looking for and the Free Slots App has them all.

Free Slots App a Chrome Web App

Final Thoughts

This is a great app for Chrome users because it gives them a fast way to access their favorite slot games all in one place.  The trend in slots gaming on the net has been to put each slot game in its own app which we think is just a ridiculous way to glut up the appstores.  Free Slots App by did it right and included all of the games in one place.  Check it out.

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