Tasker App for Android Review

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Tasker app is one of the best applications to automate an Android gadget. Developed by Crafty Apps EU, Tasker app has already fetched an impressive 4.6 out of 5 ratings and near to a million installations as indicated on the Google Play Store. The app brings unmatched features to automate all kinds of tasks based on different parameters in a Smartphone. Tasker app costs $2.99 and can be downloaded from Google Play Store.


Tasker app for Android provides an exemplary user interface. The app has three tabs on the top as profiles, tasks and Scenes. As the name of the app suggests, it’s all about triggering several tasks under a set of conditions. For example, a user wants to automatically enable silent mode at 10 a.m. every day which requires a task that enables silent mode and link it into a context that specifies 10 a.m. and Tasker would set the phone to silent mode. The automation can be incorporated from SMS to settings which are incredible in triggering different applications, event, shortcuts, widget, timer, profiles and many more depending on the time or day of the month preset by a user.

Tasker App for Android

Tasker in-houses numerous splendid features which range from simple alert to network controlling. The app provides 28 system settings dialogs and control the brightness of individual apps based on the input by a user profile which enhances the battery life and boosts the performance of the device. The app provides elegant options to customize one’s profile and let the Tasker take care of one’s schedules. The app permits a user to create standalone applications which can be shared or sell. The tasks executed by Tasker are based upon variable conditions or looping which are entirely based upon the user’s inputs such as it lets a user to turn off mobile data at night/a particular time, mute the phone when it’s face down, or start playing music when connected to car’s Bluetooth.


Tasker app is the need of the hour for a Smartphone. If you are an Android freak and adore technology, it’s worth the money to download. The app is a huge success among the technically savvy and astounds everyone with its performance. Grab a copy of Tasker from Google Play Store to let your device dance on the tunes set by you.

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