Free WiFi Cafe Spots BlackBerry App Review

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True 3G is fast. But they can’t match the speeds offered by WiFi internet. While one the move, how you could find a coffee bar or library with a free WiFi network that’ll get you online? Well, the Free WiFi Cafe Spots is an app tailor made for this very purpose. Further, the app also comes with a built in database of free wireless hotspots.

Working of Free WiFi Cafe Spots App

Free WiFi Cafe Spots app finds the WiFi cafes near you using your BlackBerry’s GPS. The user-interface, though looks a bit primitive, is fast and easy to use. The huge international database of free WiFi hotspots means you are never too far from a connection. If, for some reason, you fail to get a GPS signal or your provider blocks third parties from accessing your gadget’s GPS unit, simply enter your current position manually to find the hotspots near you, thanks to its rich database of free WiFi hotspots that comes packaged with the BlackBerry Free WiFi Cafe Spots app.


To find WiFi hotspots, you only need to pick your country from the menu (or postal code), following which you’ll get to see a list of available cities. Some countries may have only few details, while some others provide detailed info of WiFi hotspots available in its cities/towns. Once you select a hotspot, you’ll get an address and link to the map showing the said location. The app uses BlackBerry’s Maps app as the mapping tool to reach results. The hotspot info includes the quality of the connection, restrictions if any, and if any power sockets are available to recharge the BlackBerry’s battery.

However, this won’t work if you are in roaming, and the BlackBerry not connected to a data network, as map can’t be downloaded.

The app comes with a feedback option to send feedback about the WiFi hotspots you’ve visited, or if you’ve found a new one that is not given in the database, to application’s makers so that they could make necessary changes/updates to the database accordingly.

Final Thoughts

In short, the Free WiFi Cafe Spots BlackBerry app is a simple mobile application, with a big utility quotient. It makes the job of finding free WiFi hotspots near you a virtual cake walk of sorts. The app interface may look a bit primitive; but in terms of user-friendliness and utility, it is second to none. The Free WiFi Cafe Spots app is available for $3.99 per license.

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