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reQall is a handy BlackBerry app that uses your voice, email, IM, and SMS to capture, retrieve, and share ideas and things that you need to do. In other words, the app captures tasks and ideas using your voice, convert it into text, organize your info automatically based on that, shares relevant info with others, and above all, provide proactive memory assistance, thanks to its revolutionary reQall Memory Jogger. It is tough to enunciate what is Reqall in few sentences. Hence, in brief, here are its main features.

BlackBerry reQall App Features

With reQall app for BlackBerry, you need not have to bother to type in everything on the QWERTY keypad. For example, to enter reminders, just say it to the app, and it’ll convert it to text and save it. Also, Reqall automatically organizes your to-dos, notes, and shopping lists by recognizing dates, times, and keywords spoken. The app also understands recurring dates (for example, every Wednesday at 3 pm) and certain keywords (like ‘buy’, ‘meet’ etc).


Further, the app lets the users receive timely reminders via IM or email. Reqall’s path breaking Memory Jogger constantly displays the summary of things that you need to remember at a given time. Other features of the Standard version of the app include browse/email within Reqall items, and work offline like Outlook and sync later.

The Pro version of Reqall offers location based alerts, wherein the app uses GPS to find out your current location. That is, if you’ve set reminders to be displayed only at work, the app uses the GPS feature of the phone to find out your location and pops up a reminder if any task is due at your current location. Also, the pro version integrates seamlessly with Google Calendar/Outlook. Further, in the pro edition of the app, one could create, delete and change the status of items via email. Reminders by SMS are another Reqall pro’s exclusive feature to its users. Finally, the Pro Memory Jogger offers up-to-the minute memory assistance by constantly analyzing your time/location/upcoming calendar items, and anticipating your memory needs.


reQall is a handy BlackBerry app to make notes on-the-go, without typing anything. Its accurate voice-to-text transcription, offline capability, and calendar synchronization, easy to use interface, and memory jogger feature makes Reqall a must have productivity assistant cum organizer in your BlackBerry device. The app works anywhere your BlackBerry got a data connection, and it captures items by voice sans incurring any international call charges. To know more about Reqall mobile application, visit

reQall Pro comes at a price tag of $24.99 a year, while the standard version is free.

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