FTP On The Go PRO App for iPhone Review

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A demanding entrepreneur or an active businessman will chose to have a potent interface like FTP On The Go PRO app for iPhone at your fingertips. Although you are unavailable in the office / travelling and have an important file to edit or got to view an urgent doc/upload some vital photos? There is just one resolution for all the tasks to be completed – FTP On The Go PRO iPhone app. Work professionally and proficiently wherever you are and earn an upper hand in the tasks assigned to you.

Features of FTP On The Go PRO App

Download and Edit Options – You can surf, download/upload from your server by using FTP, SFTP and FTPS. The built-in editor enables you to download, edit and re-upload the changes you have made on the file. From a website or an FTP server you can download files and save them to the existing stored files. Further you can edit/store/share docs from the device.
In Built Web Browser – The integral built in web browser permits you to view the alterations made without exiting from FTP On The Go.

FTP On The Go PRO App for iPhone

Documents and Files – You can view videos, photos, e-mails, play music, view documents on Word/Excel/Power Point/Numbers/Pages/PDF etc. Pictures and videos in your photo library can be shared or else new pictures/videos can be taken with the aid of the camera within the FTP On The Go.
Image Editor – The image editor enables you to resize, crop and add captions to the snaps. All the file management commands like rename, delete and move files are available. The bookmark facilitates you to categorize and visit all your sites in an easy fashion.
Wireless Sharing – You can connect from a computer or from an iPhone by using web browser or an FTP client and wirelessly share access to the stored files.
Data Transfer Compression – Highly sophisticated features like Unzip files, Import files from e-mail, compression of data transfer are vastly supported by the app.
Synchronization with iCloud – iCloud can be easily used to share files amongst two or more devices.


FTP On The Go PRO app for iPhone requires iOS 5.0 or higher versions. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and has been optimized for iPhone5.


InformationWeek ranked FTP On The Go app one amongst, ’10 Great iPhone Apps for your Business’. Download this app from iTunes today for just $6.99 and enjoy the freedom of wireless work.

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