Unified Remote Full App for Android Review

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Sometimes, you just want to lie on the bed and switch between videos or songs on the playlist using a remote rather than reaching for the mouse. Unified Remote Full app for Android provides such functionality. The app converts your mobile phone into a remote with which you could control your laptop or PC. You can get Unified Remote Full app for $1.39 from Google Play Store.

Unified Remote Full App Features

Unified Remote Full app for Android connects to your Windows laptop/PC via Bluetooth or WiFi. Of course, to use the app, you also got to install a server app in your PC. Once done with the set up, you can access your PC from your phone. Using the app, you can access files, control your media, and have full navigation with keyboard, mouse pad, and number pad. The UI is well designed. From Preferences, you can have the app and client run in the background even after exiting the app by enabling ‘Keep Alive’ option. Also, there are cosmetic tweaks that you can choose from whereas ‘Layout’ provides you the option to view available remotes in a list or grid form. From ‘Mouse Settings’, you can access useful tweaks for the mouse.

Unified Remote Full App for Android

There are two types of keyboards: the usual one and a number pad that let you type a bunch of numbers quickly. Basic input and scroll are your mouse replacements. In basic input, you simply control the cursor by sliding your finger around the screen. Also, you can call upon your keyboard by simply tapping ‘Menu’ button on your phone. It multitasks well, meaning you can minimize the app or shut off the screen and still be able to immediately pick up where you’d left.

Owing to the large number of features and steps involved, for some at least, Unified Remote Full might appear to be overkill. Also, if your WiFi is not quick enough, the functionalities becomes quite slow to the point of frustrating the user. Keep that in mind while using Unified Remote Full.


Unified Remote Full app for Android empowers your phone to control your PC/laptop. It does not work with Mac. Setting up the app and client involves few steps. Feature wise, you can control virtually anything in your PC using multiple remotes. Customization options come handy. However, for smooth functioning, a quick enough WiFi is a prerequisite. The UI is user friendly. Verdict: Check it out.

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