G-Park iPhone Application Review

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G-Park iPhone App

If you are a regular motorist, someone who drives a car or an SUV or any other private vehicle, and you occasionally use an indoor parking garage or an outside parking lot, you need G-Park. This is an application, currently available to users of iPhone Mobile Phones that is made for you.

That’s because, with this easy-to-use application, your parked car will never again be difficult to find. In fact, with G-Park, your parked car will always be easy to locate, no matter how long it was parked.

Application Name: G-Park App is a clever idea that is perfectly-suited to people who drive cars and park them in self-park lots and garages. Easy-to-use and effective, it literally guarantees that you will never again have trouble finding your parked car.

Summary: G-Park app, developed and released by In2itiveMinds, is the one app you’ll wish you had the last time you couldn’t find your parked car. Cleverly-conceived and easy-to-use, it virtually guarantees that you will never again spend nervous time trying to find the car you parked a few hours earlier.

All you have to do is follow these simple steps. (1) Park your car at an indoor garage or outdoor parking lot and, when you do, hit the “Park” button on your iPhone Mobile Phone. (2) Next, add a photograph of the parking spot and some notes for yourself about its location, nearby signs or other cars and vehicles parked nearby. (3) Then – get lost. Go shopping, to the theater or to dinner, whatever your plans were for that day. (4) When it’s time to return, hit the “Where Did I Park” button on your G-Park application, then, when it appears on your screen, choose “Directions.” You’ll immediately get turn-by-turn directions that will lead you back to you car, not in half an hour or more, but in minutes.

The application also includes a “Choose Exact Location” feature which you can use to pinpoint your exact location and find your vehicle fast.

User Interaction: lets you clearly note the location of your parked car, including floor and section, so that you can find it immediately and hassle-free.


G-Park App User Interface: Easy-to-use app includes a feature that lets you take a photo of the parking spot and add additional notes, such as floor level and section so that you will have no trouble locating your car when you want it.

Utility and Productivity: It replaces the need for a photographic memory or scribbled notes on a piece of paper that you probably used in the past to locate your parked car. This technology and an iPhone make it easy and effortless to find your car regardless of the size of the parking garage or outdoor lot. You’ll never “misplace” your vehicle again.

Rating: (9.0 out of 10). This is a clever application and a valuable one, too. That’s because, if you’re like most drivers, you’ve probably had difficulty locating your parked car more than once in the past. You’ll never again suffer that aggravation again, thanks to G-Park.

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