Learn How to Make Money with iPhone Applications

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Since the advent of the iPhone 3G the number of people looking to make money with applications has skyrocketed.  Even the hardiest anti-Apple consumer cannot fail to be impressed with the speed, quality, aesthetic and functional appeal of this multi-media marvel of mobile technology.

Due to the high volume expected growth in sales of the iPhone you have the opportunity to reach millions of customers through one central store.  Anything your business wishes to promote or sell can be achieved using apps as customers have become so used to using the web to purchase items, retrieve information and contact friends, they now expect to be able to perform the same functions on the move and the development of the app store is allowing businesses to meet exactly that demand.

To give yourself the best opportunities you need to follow these guidelines:

1.    Know your audience – Visit chat rooms and social networking sites to find out what people are saying about the iPhone and what they like or don’t like about certain apps.  Do customers want the product you’re thinking of selling and how would it work best for them?

2.    Are you first to market – do you already have competition for your business venture on iPhone apps?  If not, then make sure you understand what the market wants and be the first and best to sell it.  If you already have competition find out how your product is better than theirs and market it through iPhone and smartphone sites.

3.    Use social networking sites for promotion – create a quiz or group about your iPhone apps and send it to your friends and business contacts.  Once they have viewed it and joined the group and answered the quiz their contacts will see it and hey presto your advertising is moving itself!

4.    Blog it – write a blog about your apps and give users a chance to comment on what you have written.  You get free feedback, suggestions and advertising all in one place and you also get a chance to respond so that others see the full story.

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