GadgetTrak iPhone App Review

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GadgetTrak app for iPhone is an extension of GadgetTrak’s patented tracking technology for portable media devices. When activated GadgetTrak for iPhone provides location ns other useful information when the app is started. The app icon is designed to look like the Safari app.


  • If your device has GPS it will be used by GadgetTrak to get the most accurate location possible and even without GPS, GadgetTrak can use cell towers to pinpoint the location.
  • GadgetTrak automatically sends a discrete message to your device, enticing the thief to initiate a tracking report.
  • You can snap the photo with built in camera to collect crucial evidence to catch the thief.
  • Location controls are posted to the web control panel.
  • Location history to know where your phone has been.
  • Automatic push notifications.
  • Camera support for the front and rear facing camera.
  • Secure SSL connection for transmitting location data and photos.

GadgetTrak App for iPhone

How GadgetTrak App works

If a thief accesses your iPhone they will click on the disguised application to access the internet. The app will pass network and location data to the GadgetTrak server and then it will open a web browser that goes to a homepage of your choosing in the configuration pane. The owner of the device can log into the GadgetTrak control panel to view detailed information regarding the location of the device, including GPS coordinates, maps, IP address, carrier or ISP data and more.


GadgetTrak iPhone Edition will work with both the iPhone as well as iPod Touch. GadgetTrak utilizes the latest location capabilities of the iPhone platform to provide location information of your device in the event it is stolen. Depending on the device you own, location data will provide different levels of accuracy. For first generation iPhones, GadgetTrak will utilize the iPhone’s ability to identify location utilizing Wi-Fi networks in the area, the accuracy will vary, but in an urban area it will provide accuracy within a 100 meter radius. If no Wi-Fi network is available and it is an iPhone the cell towers will be used to triangulate location of the device as accurately as possible.


With all contacts, photos, apps and music losing your iPhone is a massive pain. With GadgetTrak app for iPhone, you greatly increase your chances of recovering your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch by having the ability to track your device and even snap a photo of the thief.

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