Touchgrind BMX iPhone App Review

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Touchgrind BMX app for iPhone is the follow up to the popular game titled Touchgrind. Here in this application you are catching some air in a bike instead of a skateboard. The game can be challenging but it is great successor and a load of fun.

Game Features

  • True Physics has been implied.
  • It has the same revolutionary controls as seen in the original skateboard game Touchgrind.
  • There are many unlockable bikes and locations.
  • You can earn medals and complete challenges at every location.
  • You have the facility to record and replay your runs.
  • You can create replay videos and show the world.
  • There is a TV out provision in this application.

Touchgrind BMX iPhone Game App


The unique part of Touchgrind BMX app for iPhone is the game controls, and once you get them down the game, it really opens up. You can easily pull off some cool tricks and impress yourself. There are tons of medals and challenges to unlock and there is always something to work towards. The backdrop to the game play is unique and totally worth checking out. The graphics are pretty good and lots of custom paint jobs for each bike is always fun. A really cool feature is the ability to save your best runs to share with your friends through Youtube and Facebook. There are various locations to ride that are displayed on the globe.


Touchgrind BMX iPhone game app is not without its quirks and while its intuitive control system does its job admirably, pulling off body flips and spins can be a bit of a chore as the game detects the wrong direction, speed or ignores the gesture entirely if you are marginally off the mark. Some levels also feature frustrating design bugs that result in the player being forced off the path they want to go on, unless they hard rock the wheel and random teleportation occurs.


Despite the negatives, Touchgrind BMX app for iPhone should become a part of just about anyone’s collection of games on their device. The gorgeous aesthetics, challenging game play and amazing additional features make this a complete package.

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