Garden Plan Pro iPhone App Review

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If a plentiful garden is your objective, then don’t look beyond Garden Plan Pro for iPhone. The app is a bit expensive ($7.99), but is completely worth the price, given the things it brings to the table. It was earlier an iPad only app, but now it is also available in iPhone.


Garden Plan Pro for iPhone works with any shape of garden, raised beds, rows or containers. You can add single plants, rows, blocks or SFG squares and instantly see how many plants fit. You can easily rearrange them multiple times until you get the perfect layout. But the USP of Garden Plan Pro app for iPhone is the wealth of information it comes packed with. The app has information of over 190 plants with thousands of varieties from popular suppliers pre-loaded. But these include varieties currently available for US, Canada, UK, Ireland, EU and South Africa only.

Garden Plan Pro iPhone App Review

Garden Plan Pro for iPhone provides expert advice on how to rotate crops and plan succession planting. The app relies on thousands of weather stations to recommend the best planting and harvesting dates for your area. It also features articles that help you plan, start seeds, avoid pests and produce a bountiful harvest. The app further provides planting reminders that include a free online service that emails you twice a month with a personal list of what to plant from your plans and location. The UI design is user friendly. Choosing the plant types and adding them in rows or blocks is easy. The green color theme looks nice overall. We also found the app to be stable and responsive. Garden Plan Pro app requires iOS versions 7.0 or later.


Garden Plan Pro app allows you to plan your perfect vegetable, herb and fruit garden on your iPhone. The app combines perfect plant knowledge and easy to use tools to make your garden planning easy and efficient. It uses data from thousands of weather stations to advice users on best planting and harvesting dates for their regions. Planting reminders and online services comes as a bonus, so are the featured articles that help you plan, start seeds, and avoid pests. The UI is largely user friendly. On the flip side, the app does not cater to ornamental flower gardening. Overall, a nice garden app that will help you in your gardening initiatives with information as well as advice.

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