MyGarden Notebook iPhone App Review

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Gardening is fun and a good means to unwind and relax. MyGarden Notebook for iPhone comes handy in your gardening job by allowing you to quickly keep notes about your garden. By keeping tab of everything, it will be easy for you to maintain your garden. MyGarden Notebook – A Journal Just For Your Garden app can be downloaded for $2.99 from iTunes App Store.


MyGarden Notebook for iPhone is easy to use. You start by entering your gardens name, year planted and dimensions. Then enter your plant list of plant names, variety and quantity planted. In garden layout, locate the plants from your plant list by moving them around to their proper location within your garden. You can always keep notes of plant varieties planted and garden in general. This is especially useful as the plants starts to grow, and nurturing goes to the next level. Of course, you can click pictures of your developing garden and attach it to the notes. Eventually, you will have a complete documentation of your gardening efforts that you can refer to anytime in future.

MyGarden Notebook iPhone App Review

MyGarden Notebook iPhone app provides support for different garden types including Seed Tray, Countertop Hydroponic, Container, Elevated Planter, Cold Frame, Raised Bed, Greenhouse, Small and Large Plot. But you can also have custom garden types with user selectable garden scale and plant density. The USP of the app is that you can easily track your gardens progress such as growing conditions, pests and diseases, as well as soil amendments. You can take photos to visually track the garden and plants progress. The app also makes it easy to keep tab of dates to remember. You can schedule a reminder notification for things to do so that you don’t miss out on anything. Users can email or print a garden to share or archive. You can also print your gardens plant list or layout for shopping. It is also possible to track and maintain multiple gardens.


MyGarden Notebook for iPhone has an intuitive UI that makes it easy to maintain and follow the progress of your gardens. Support for different garden types come handy, even though you can have your customized garden as well. Once you have a garden details, you can duplicate it to get a quick start on a new year or when you want to create another similar garden somewhere. Performance wise, the app is stable and responsive. Check it out if you are an avid gardener who maintains multiple gardens.

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