Get a line of communication between your phone and computer with Print n Share App for iPhone

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There are many interesting things worth learning about the iPhone and one of those things is that the right app can really give you the chance to completely enhance the communications experience that you get between your iPhone and the computer that you have. This is an important factor to keep in mind because it essentially illustrates the point that you can do things on one device from the other and this gives you a lot of flexibility moving forward.

Printing at any time

Printing is one of the most annoying tasks around, but when you have an application like Print n Share app for iPhone you quickly realize that this does not have to be the case. The fact of the matter is that Print n Share iPhone app will allow you to print from your iPhone over Wi-Fi and 3G networks to essentially any printer that is around. The ability to print to all printers around will give you the chance to take the documents you need transferred to the full sheet of hard copy paper and get them printed before too much time has passed.

Print n Share iPhone app

Virtual drives are important

These days, people need to go back and forth between so many different hardware and software configurations that you almost look forward to seeing multiple mounted drives because it means that you will get the chance to access everything that you need right when you find that you really need it. The virtual drives that you can use with Print n Share app for iPhone will give you the chance to really share some files because this software package lets you accurately and effectively mount your iPhone as a plant on your computer. You simply then open the drive and take the files that you want with no mess happening in the process.

Final Score

At the end of the day, the iPhone platform is really about maximizing productivity and convenience and this is an app that can definitely do both of those things. It costs $8.99 right now from the App Store and for that investment you will definitely get back an app that can do a lot for you. If you can make full use of this mobile application, it is well worth the price and that is why we have given Print n Share iPhone app a final score of 9 out of 10.

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