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Most reference apps are suitable for beginners and intermediates, but it takes a really good reference app to be useful for just about anyone that might be interested in doing some gardening. If this sounds like you, Botany Buddy app for iPhone is a mobile application that you will want to look closely at.

Lots of plants

There are all kinds of different plants available in the database of Botany Buddy iPhone app. Specifically, the overall database for Botany Buddy mobile app contains more than 2000 different entries and you can easily browse back and forth through that database to take a look at all of the different plants contained within.

Lots of information

At the same time that you have access to information on a lot of plants, you also have access to detailed information about each plant. This information includes things like usage of each plant, the advantages and disadvantages of each plant and of course zone, sun and water characteristics. Overall, each plant has at least 25 pieces of information about it, all of which you can use to make a decision about whether or not that plant is appropriate for your current needs. Most mobile apps either have a lot of different plants or have a lot of information on a few plants. There are not that many out there like Botany Buddy that can offer a lot of information on a lot of plants. It’s also original with no recycling from Wikipedia having taken place.

Lots of pictures

If 2000 is a number that impresses you for the number of entries in the plant database, perhaps 9500 will be even more impressive. That is the number of pictures available with Botany Buddy app for iPhone, many of which perfectly illustrate the points made in the 25 pieces of information or more that comes with each plant entry. Just like with the textual information, the pictures are not taken from any outside source and therefore are original content that you will not find anywhere else.

Final Score

If you want to learn about what makes a garden good, you will need some expert advice. In the absence of an actual expert, content like Botany Buddy that is solid information in an easy-to-understand delivery is the next best thing. We appreciate the comprehensive nature of this app and that’s why we’ve given Botany Buddy iPhone app a final score of 9 out of 10.

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