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Landscaper’s Companion for iPhone is an app that fits firmly into the reference category. However, you should not look at this as being just any other reference mobile app because within its subject area it is actually quite extensive. That is why it was named in the top 100 of the 2010 reference apps to be released for the iPhone and it even made the front page on iPhone stores in both Canada (where it was a top 10 app) and the United Kingdom.

Plants and categories for easy reference

A reference app is not only measured by the amount of information made available to the average user, but it is also measured by how easy it is to access that information on your iPhone handheld device. In the case of Landscaper’s Companion iPhone app, you will find that it is very easy to access the wealth of information that they have. Specifically, there are 1400 different plants available in the database with each one fitting into one of sixteen different categories. Therefore, you can browse to the specific plant that you are interested in or you can simply pick a category and take a look at the plants that are listed.

Comprehensive information on plants

Once you’ve found the plant that you are looking for, you can then take a closer look at the plant and find out information about it like the water and sun properties as well as the size that you can expect the plan to be when it reaches its maximum growth height and width. You can even look at many pictures of the plants involved as just within the current app there are already almost 6000 different images available.

Easy search for more comprehension

Is the browsing system just not giving you the access that you need? If that turns out to be the case, all you have to do is use the search system instead. You can search for plants directly by name (common or scientific) or if you are looking for a specific type of plant you can take a look at all of the plants that have a certain sun property, certain water needs or even particular zone within a garden or country.

Final Score

If you are interested in getting a good plant for landscaping, Landscaper’s Companion app for iPhone is the best mobile application for you. Our final score for Landscaper’s Companion iPhone app is 10 out of 10.

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