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If you have a dog, one thing that you need to do is keep track of when your dog ate or drank something and when they went pee or poo. If you are a dog walker, you should keep track of this information to give to your clients as well so that they know how to better manage their own schedules. Now, DogiDuty iPhone App will simplify all of this and give you a chance to truly get messages across with a minimum of time and effort.

Quick information to e-mail conversion

When the dog walker is walking, they can have all of the leashes of the dogs in one hand and their iPhone in the other. With the ability to keep an unlimited number of clients and up to three different dogs per client, it is very easy to scroll through the entire client and animal database at one time in order to access the one that you want.

Then, once you’re at the page for the animal that you’re interested in, you can check off information about whether or not the animal went pee or poo and whether they received food or water. Overall, this information may seem trivial to some but it can actually be extremely useful for the average owner. It will give them the information that they need about their dog’s feeding and relief needs and that in turn will allow them to move their schedule around.

Instant e-mail

The e-mail given to the owner of the dog is generated instantly based on the checking off that takes place. It comes with a time stamp for the time of the walk and a place for additional notes to be entered in. The notes can be sent to the client from the walker or vice versa, allowing the two parties to quickly and easily exchange information. Pictures can also be added and with the quick e-mail it is easy for a dog walker to report to a bunch of clients within just a few minutes of time.

Final Score

Overall, DogiDuty app for iPhone really reduces the time needed for the dog walker and it is also helpful to the dog’s owner. It helps everyone out and that means that it is a valuable app that deserves to be recognized for its abilities. Our final score for DogiDuty iPhone app is 10 out of 10.

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