Play a Virtual Life Over Real Life with Parallel Kingdom App for Android

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Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) games have become very popular in recent times and the free ones that exist for smart phone products go a long way towards defining how well-received those particular products actually are. Case in point on this front is Parallel Kingdom app for Android, a game that has more than 100,000 players all around the globe and continues to become more popular as more people buy Android devices.

GPS is you

The way that you define your starting location in the world of Parallel Kingdom Android game is through the GPS that is present on your smart phone device. That’s right, this is where the name of the game comes from because your starting position is essentially the exact same as your current position.

Not only is this true in the case of where you start, but it is also true in the case of where you can go. The GPS in your Android works overtime when you are playing Parallel Kingdom game app because each player has a certain radius that they can move in from the starting location with different items transposed over a map of your current area. You don’t have to move around in actuality in order to move in the game, but your position will always have a direct impact on what you can do in the game.

Game play mechanics take over

Once you’ve used the GPS to establish your starting position and your movement radius, you can go ahead and start claiming territory by planting flags down in different areas and then building houses to get an even larger radius in which to travel. You can travel instantly between different places, but remember that these two methods are the only ones available for you to actually increase your overall travel radius.

Just remember though that this is an MMO and that means that you are going to be in a game with many other different players. This means that you can chat locally or globally with other players but it also means that you’ll be in competition with those other players as well. Keep that in mind as you move towards claiming more territory and eventually declaring victory in this Android MMO.

Final Score

Overall, Parallel Kingdom Android game app is a neat idea that is brilliantly implemented. As a result, we’ve given Parallel Kingdom app for Android a final score of 10 out of 10.

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