Glass Tower 3 App for iPhone Review

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Puzzle games don’t have to be needlessly complicated. Usually all it takes is a simple, approachable premise to make a game memorable. Glass Tower 3 app for iPhone managed to create such a foundation and ride its way to success as an online flash game. Glass Tower 3 app for iPhone is a game with physical collisions and gravity simulation. The tower is constructed of block which is different in size, shape and color. The game play seems to be very easy in the beginning. The aim of Glass Tower game is to break all the blue blocks as; it will enhance your score and save as many red ones as possible because it will reduce your score. The red block is so crucial that for every red block destroyed, it will reduce your score and eat one life.

Due to physical-based engine every level can be over in different ways. Also, some blocks contain bonuses. When you break such a block, the bonus takes off and it is reflected on the top of the screen. Each bonus collected has its own actions as well which is explained during the game play. The app can be downloaded for $0.99 from iTunes App Store.

Glass Tower 3 App for iPhone

Features of Glass Tower 3 App

  • It has got 150 levels of game play and a level editor.
  • The ambient music for each background will keep you relaxed.
  • Moreover, it comes with a retina support feature which will reduce stress for your eyes, so that you can play for a longer time.
  • Real like physical simulation. Also, it is a fast and powerful game engine with a lot of real-time visual effects.
  • You will get cool sounds of shattering glass with bright and clear graphics.
  • It comes with cool bonuses and different backgrounds to choose.
  • The most amazing feature of iPhone Glass Tower 3 app is you can always play your last level you reached any time as; your game progress is always saved.


Whether you have played a Glass Tower game app before or are new to the series and looking for a new puzzler, Glass Tower 3 should be a title worth looking into. It has taken success from earlier games, incorporated a ton requested features and then fleshed it out with enough new levels to keep you busy for quite some time. However, if you are looking for something new, Glass Tower 3 app for iPhone looks to be a clear choice to check out.

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