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When the global village idea got postulated 30 years ago it was a quaint notion. Now, it seems like the most obvious thing ever and that is why people are starting to learn how to go back and forth between different languages. The Oxford Italian Dictionary TR app for Android will allow you to do this with English and Italian.


The whole point of Android Oxford Italian Dictionary TR app is to give people that are English speakers the chance to learn how to speak Italian. This means that you can not only go from the English word you are thinking of to the Italian equivalent, but you can also look up an Italian word to find out what it means in English. The ability for you to quickly and efficiently do this by typing the word in is exactly what you need to do in order to figure out how to speak the language and learn how the words relate to each other across languages.

Multiple words, phrases and translations

Different words are contained within the dictionary to give you the chance to do what was stipulated in the previous section. However, if your language skills are progressing and you’d like to take it even further, you can go right ahead with 300,000 different phrases and 450,000 different translations. The phrases will allow you to go from an English phrase to the proper phrase in Italian and the translation will allow you to actually figure out what is going on during the spur of the moment. The ability of Oxford Italian Dictionary TR Android mobile app to not only give you some theoretical grounding in the language but also help you out in a sticky translation situation with practical discussion is something that is highly valuable to anyone that would like to go from one of the languages to the other.

Final Score

The Oxford Italian Dictionary TR app for Android is not going to have the same widespread appeal as other applications, but it will definitely give people looking for ways to learn Italian the chance to do so with a relatively easy to use tool at their side. That certainly makes it a valuable app to a select group of people. As a result of the use we think people can get from Oxford Italian Dictionary TR Android app, we have decided to give it a final score of 8 out of 10.

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